Any other Liteon Users get NO TAO write with this recorder

Hi…I tried to burn a .bin/.cue file today and I get a message in Nero that it can not burn TAO with my Liteon 24102B…anyone else get this…

I burned it DAO but I get error message at the end of the write…but the disc does play…it is a vcd

what speed do you burn vcd’s ??
what is the error??
and do you use the latests nero??

can you burn the vcd at dao/96?

I am using Nero…I burn at max…and used DAO can not recall if it was DAO-96…

the error message was something like invalid write can not complete disc at once write…it did write all the data to the cdr I guess it had trouble closing it…

the vcd plays the video …seems marginal quality

but why will Nero not burn at TAO with the Liteon

i will try to burn a disk in TAO…and report about it

well I switched back to nero and can not burn TAO…but DAO-96 works fine with no error message…I have not tried just DAO…

The .bin/.cue was a vcd and it burned fine at max DAO-96

Is TAO better for burning .bin/.cue files???

I always thought DAO/DAO-96 was abetter write mode…but maybe not for an image

also should I have burned the vcd .bin/.cue at a slower speed for better quality???

more interesting info…I just wrote TAO with a .bin/.cue file of data application…

the vcd .bin/.cue gives no error when I write in DAO-96 but gives and invalid write state can not complete DAO with DAO only…very weird…it appears to be a problem with the vcd .bin/.cue…in ver. 5580

but ver 5582 the data app .bin/.cue would not write TAO as well just DAO only gave same error message…very weird

writing vcd at to high speeds can cause sync errors between video and audio.

it is advised to wrote vcd’s in tao/sao but i never had problems using dao/96