Any Other Colour Besides Purple for DVD+/-R Media?

When it comes to the colour of the recording layer of blank DVDs I only know one colour and that is purple or variants of it. Does anyone know a type of DVD+/-R that has a silvery colour or some other colour besides purple? :bow:

No. And it’s not needed either.

The materials used for recordable dye-based media will always be purple in nature, unless they try to inject it with a color pigment, which would really just ruin the media. And even then, I doubt they could make silver.

Even “silver CD-R” are not even remotely close to silver. They are pale green or pale blue.


In the past mitsui had a colourless dye(very pale green) which only could be used for 1x/2x burning speeds which was used on ther gold media. *
This Mitsui media is no longer made !!

Ritek has produced some red G03’s if I’m correct.
Also Befor 3A went bankrupt they announced Red recordables and the possible option of other colours. A few samples 3A did present to some folks ! But I don’t think that it did reach the market.

  • Note this media was the media MITSUI produced in JAPAN

Just out of curiosity, why are you asking?

preference over other color?

I beg to differ. I have some true silver/silver CDR that I bought more than four years ago from SVP in the UK, and the recording side is just as silver as the top. They really are silver, and, I believe, are still available from some dealers.

It is difficult to know which way up the disk has to go into the recorder because both sides look the same :cool:

Probally slightly greenish but you will hardly notice it. Yeah it probally can measured and it might be possible under the right angle and light if you know what your looking at to see the difference but the average Joe will not notice !

Plasmon has such dye mixture available for cd-r’s.

These look every bit as silver as pressed disks, I assure you. There is no green tint whatsoever. It may be possible to measure a tint of some kind with electronic measuring equipment, but they really are pure silver to the human eye.

I’ve seen the silver type of CD-R myself, and can confirm they are almost indistinguishable from pressed CDs, the only thing which really gives it away is the normal difference between burnt/unburnt areas.

The original poster was however looking for DVD media of different colours, I myself have seen purple, pale purple (almost a salmon pink), red, yellow (looks almost like old Kodak gold disk but much deeper shade) and a kind of strange purple/orange hybrid.

Purple and pink can be found anywhere, the yellow I’ve only seen once and the weird purple/orange ones are some obscure asian brand brought back by a friend on a visit to Hong Kong.

I’m planning do order some CDs and DVDs from SVP UK (I live in Spain). I cannot find TY DVD+R or TY CDs in my country.
Is SVP reliable ?

SVP have a pretty good reputation on here


SVP are one of the best suppliers :bow:

Yes SVP is a very good supplier, but unfortunately their shipping partners are not always the most reliable. This is from personal experience and from other experiences posted on the forum.

Yep. And maybe it’s just me being lucky, but I haven’t had any problem with their shipping! (But I guess there’s always a first time, right?).


DPD in Belgium… :Z :Z :Z :a :a - so many broken 100-discs spindles! :a - they think the parcels are dancefloors!

This said, considering SVP’s great customer service, I’m still buying ONLY from them. Too many bad experiences with other online retailers. :rolleyes: