Any options for my 411s and prodisc s04's?

my 411s has served me very well for quite a while, but heres my prob…
i bought quite a few prodisc silver printables (s04’s)…never got s04 before always got s03 or mcc cmc? now all of a sudden iget these s04’s and my lites wont burn them any faster than 2x. they are -r by the way.
dvdinfopro shows write strategies all the way up to 8x, but only a 2x write descriptor. im using firm hsok, not ready for the fs04’s im guessing?
do i have any other option than sending these disc back and trying something else. that would stink as i have had nothing but wonderful results with my trusty prodisc media. can anyone h.b.o (help a brother out)?

Welcome :wink:

Prodisc s04 is rather new media and not included in your firmware (FS0K), making your drive burn them at default 2x speed.

Have a look in this thread for further ideas how to proceed. :cool: