Any Opinions on this Memorex CD-RW from Office Max?

I am hoping someone has had experience with this media, good or bad.

Thanks much.

It could be anything, but Memorex has a fondness for Infodisc. Might be a “good deal” if it’s free, otherwise forget it. 4x is hard to find these days, but I’d stick with Maxell or Verbatim.

Much appreciated. I’ll take your advice.

dont even touch memorex media in your life i bought a 5pak cd-rw 24x from them hat didnt work corectly (when it worked it was full of errors on it yello and red dots in cd-speed scan)
they send me again another 5 pak witch was worse than the first !
i told them and they send me the thirs one as bad as the first !
Now i am waiting for the fourth pak from them !
All of the disks are infodisk scum !

The 24x CD-RW is no good.
The 12x stuff seems to be “ok”.
4x stuff I haven’t used that much, but when I did try to use it, it failed on me.

The Memorex 24x (Infodisc) I bought were unusable after one or two burns… and those were the two “good” discs in the 5 pack. The others wouldn’t burn properly the first time.


I found one of these Memorex 16x-24x (Infodisc) CD-RW in a junk drawer (and the only place better than a junk drawer would be the trash can). It was still shrink wrapped. Two scans are attached, one from a burn with a BenQ 1640, the other with a NEC-3500. UGLY!