Any opinions on A207 firmware for 4082b

Is it safe? Just wanted to know if I should upgrade

I’m only updating to A207 now.

I’ve used A-207 but even if Ridata says this drive (4082b) burns Ritek G05’s at 8x with firmware a-206 it is still not supported in 207. but the drive performs well on these same disks at 4x. I’ve even found an A-208 firmware floating around but the same speed 4x on Ritek G05’s.

I complained to LG for this problem and they said they don’t support Ritek. Is it a marketing strategy or what? I wrote to Ritek about thisand they only said that they shipped blank disks to LG for burn stategies to be implemented in a new firmware. The question is WHERE THE HELL IS IT?

LG does not like Ritek media. That’s all. Except RICOHJPNR01 and RICOHJPNR02 but they are very different from Ritek G04, G05, R03, and other Ritek DVD media.