Any opinions of whether TY02 is better than TY01?


Since everyone was recommending Ty media… i looked at
and they have Samsung 4x DVD+R TY01 (their code is 1699) media - which seemed to be slightly thicker and Ty 8x DVD+R TY02 (their code is 1733)

any opinions on which would be better ?
I will get rid of my Ritek G05 DVD-R discs, which are not giving me good
burns on my Sony DRU 700A and want to replace with the + medias.

speeds are not important…only reliability.
I usually burn at the slowest speed possible.
I use DVD shrink with Nero.


Well, if you don’t care about speed, T01 burns perfect at 4x on my 851@832 CG3B

This is a Samsung branded T01-00 burned a few days ago:

I have been using T01-00 and they do burn great at 4x. When I try them at 8x I get a mountain at the end. I tried the T02 strat at 8x and it always fails, but at 4x the T02 strat actually gives me a little better results than stock strat.

but since both Samsung 4x (Ty01) and TY 8x are both available for $30 for a 50 pack spindle… I wanted to find out if anyone has any experience that tells that Ty02 media has quality problems or manufaturing problems as compared to TY01.
If both are same… then i presume burning at 2.4x on a 8x disc would yield better results than burning at same speed on a 4x disc or atleast the same quality but never worse…
so better to buy the TY 8x media.
is that correct ?

I’ve actually seem some scans of burns of 8x media burned at various speeds and frankly there was no benefit to burning as low as 2.4x in that instance. I will say that in my experience T02 doesn’t burn correctly at 8x on my Lite-On but my other burner has no problems burning at full speed or overspeeding to 12x.

Since i have a rebadged Lite-on, you are then saying that whether I buy the samsung 4x or TY 8x media… I can burn both at 4x speeds at max to get best results.
so either one - doesn’t make a difference. In that case, maybe I should consider the samsung - as their media seems to be a bit thicker… hopefully that means longer life ? :wink:

More likely it’s just the added bulk of samsung branding on the top compared to OEM. Looking at them in profile, I can’t tell the difference between samsung branded T01 and Fuji branded T02.