Any opinions about Verbatim "Pearl White" discs?

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I just found in a store some discs branded Verbatim “Pearl White”.

I remember that these discs were actually Ritek media, but the store refers that mediacode is MCC004.

Now I’m confused. Are these fake discs? Or the store is lying?

Any info about quality of these discs?

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Pearl Whites are Verbatims “budget” line. The media is sourced from several manufacturers with their original MID. Could be anything from Ritek, CMC, MBI, you name it. Perhaps there are some MCC inside, but I doubt this is premium stuff then.


Some Pearl White 16x Verbies did exist, indeed genuine MCC 004 made by MBI. They were released around 2007.

(The 8x Pearl White Verbies were CMC (had “AZO” logo) or Ritek (no AZO logo) though.)

Thanks for answers :slight_smile: