Any one used the Ridata 16x +R?



Has anyone used the and if you have, does it work good with the NEC 3520 1…UF F/W?



First test them are crap quality media
MID similar as


Stay as far away from these POS as possible.

I wasted my money on 100 of them and I have yet to burn one that doesn’t pixelate on playback. And that is burned at 4x. :a :a :a :a


Sorry about my mistake .Thought about Ridisc 16x were crap CMC
Ridata looks like RITEK R04 test it under Traxdata brand ,bad results @12x
Take note 16x media not suggested by factory burn under 12x -So it’s also drive’s firmware capable do good burn. My drive is Liteon 1213@1653@CSOM

TDK 003 16x +r burned at 8x on NEC2510, good result.


I get much better results with those at 16/12 speed.


sorry, 166s dvd-rom isn’t a consistent tester. here’s another scan but it’s from lite-on 16P9S dvd-rom, much nicer looking.


So your saying those I showed in the first post are RITEK R04? Do they burn good on the NEC 3520 (1.UF firmware)? I found this around here, but don’t know if that was the final answer on these especially if you burn at 12x instead of 16x.



Bought mine at a local store, cheap, incorrect labelling - DVD+RW on the label. They can be burnt at 16X max using 3500 mod firm, not very compatible with my Philips 642. See my post at NEC forum for media code and speedtest result.


I bought 100 of these from Newegg. They burn better at 12x than 16x, as does most 16x media I have tried. I have had acceptable results at 16x on my Benq 1620, but on the Nec 3520 the results at 16x are only fair. The discs burn quite well at 12x on my Nec 3520, my Benq 1620, and my LG 4163.


But then quite many types of 8x DVD+R/-R media burn just as well at 12x. :slight_smile:

I sincerely hope Ritek can do better with Blu-ray and HD-DVD disks later from this year.