Any one tried ConvertX?

I want to buy the ConvertX box to convert old videos into DVD and also in the future convert Camcorder materials into DVD format. Do we have any one here with ConvertX?

With a frame grabber card, it’s a very long process. Yougrabthe video then you render for DVD. This rendering process can go for 4 hours per 40 minutes of DVD on a fast machine. I just wonder ConvertX actually render MPEG2 format in real time? I hope once you get the information into the HD, you are ready to burn the DVD if you don’t want to add any effect?

Also I just wonder if the video should be preprocessed by an image scaler to refine and deinterlace to become a progressive scan signal before feeding into the box? Would this help? Or there is some way to refine, deinterlace the pictures before contructing the DVD? I suppose thsi will involve rendering which can take so many hours per hour of DVD output.

Any comment would be appreciated.

No need to pre-process the video. Just hook up your analog source and load the software. The hardware compression lets you capture directly to MPEG-1, 2, 4 or DivX. You can save it as MPG or AVI, or create a project with the captured video. The type of quality you choose determines the compression rate, sort of like choosing EP, LP or SP on a VCR two hour tape. has a set of FAQ with details on the ConvertX M402 (2nd generation box).