Any one know Propel accelrator program?


ok guys i live in UAE and here we have some filters for web surfing like porn sites or warez sites.

i used the propel program and it was fasttt and i can surf free without filter .

but the program dont allowd me to use it now only for few minutes cause i will get worning that my internet connection is fast and this program made for Dial up connection to make it fast …

what i want now is a program like this without even accelrating just for surfing and by passing the filter over here .

thanks … - a similar thing.

The other option, is to hunt down open proxies, but the publicly listed ones are likely to overload and be very slow.

JAP - - a “swarm” anonymizing proxy

The Onion Ring - - A bit fiddly to set up, and a similar idea to JAP

Under the old “Proxomitron” (you’d need the fixed update, the last version ever), you could also pool a list of known proxies, and rotate them.

I’m guessing that you don’t actually need an anonymizing proxy, as your problems (from a “big brother” regime) are before the proxy - once you are outside, it doesn’t matter if the destination sites have your IP, as their IP is hidden from the oppresive routing