Any one here live in Canada?

I live in Vancouver, and it’s really hard to fine good dvd medias here ( TY, for exsample), and usually expensive…

I dont want to buy on ebay or best buy, because the shipping is almost the same with the merchandise.

Any one have any suggestion?

Futureshop usually has very good sales on DVD media. is having a special sale on TY 8X DVD-R this week at CAD59.98 for a 50 cake box. You have to place your order online and can pick up at one of their stores in Vancouver, Richmond or Burnaby. They also have the Ritek 4X -R on sale at 39.99 for a 50 spindle.

thanks for your relpy

Futureshop doesn’r have printable dvds, which I prefer to buy.

and NCIX too T_T

but TY 8X DVD-R CAD59.98 for 50 is cheap

Is that sale still on ? I didn’t find any trace of it on their website :sad:

Got a link ? :bow:



or click the Fall into savings Sale on the right of the screen. Just check and they still have 48 spindles left and only 1 spindle per customer.

I usually get my DVD’s from No problem so far. I understand that you’re a bit like me: you like inkjet printable media:iagree: . Love these.
White ijp Riteks are 40$ for 50. Not so bad
If you can get good burn with Prodics they have good price. My Pioneer 108 do not like them, so I stick to other brands.
The only place that sells TY ijp is blankmedia but there pricy (80$ for 50 4x!) You cannot compare this to NCIX special.

Anyway, I am tempted to order this NCIX speciial but with more and more weird TY on the market, I doubt that NCIX can sell real TY 8x at this price.
Everything that I’ve read on this and other forums make me believe that these TY are not very good.

Another note
I have just checked and shipping cost (to montreal - standard post) is 13.98 with NCIX and 6.92 for blankmedia. 7$ more for NCIX. I hate this.:a Show good price but ridiculous shipping cost. Common NCIX, a spindle of 50 disc is not a TV!?

Have you tried London Drugs? I just bought a three pack of Verbatim DVD+R DL for $39.99 CDN. And starting tuesday they have ten packs of Fuji DVD-R’s on sale for $12.99!

I suggest that you buy from they are the best in my opinion. I went to their store in Waterloo/Kitchener (sp?) and They have VERY good stock.

Bought TY 50 bin from NCIX yesterday

the media code is TYG02

burned 2 discs with 8X

my playstation2 390001 reads pretty fine so far

My burner is NEC 2510A, so I can not scane PI/PO, but I think it should be very good.

One more thing to note that the media’s plastic is very thin. making people feel it’s cheap.