Any One here can help me with Alcohol 120%? It can't even work on my mechine!



the version is
and I’m using Xp pro

Everthing is perfect, until I put a SCSI card and a SCSI HD in to the computer.

when I install alcohol, not thing happen. restart the computer, image drive created, still work fine. but if reboot again, an error occur evey time when I try to open alcohol 120%.

my SCSI card is Adaptec AHA-2930U2. is there any thing related to this card ? Alcohol is important, I want to use it


May we know that the error says?


a DOS window come out, then, says c:\document and setings\all users[start]manu\programe\ alcohol 120%\alcohol NTVDM CPU invalid
CS:0533 IP 0116 OP:ff ff ff 01 00 chose close this programe
I have to choose to ‘close’ or ‘ignore’

I’m useing a Chinese version XP, so the words above is from my translation. same meaning I think.


Try running “C:\program files\Alcohol Soft\Alcohol 120\alcohol.exe” directly (via start -> run).



Have you tried unintalling & reinstalling alcohol?


I tried many times, 8551184,

and even I reinstalling XP

same problem T_T



Have you tried plugging in your old IDE hard disc? Afterall, problems started after the SCSI factor came in.

Maybe you can post your problem in the Alcohol forum and see if the developers can help. Good luck. :slight_smile: