Any one help

I have an Archos AV 700 DVR, and was wondering if any one knew the best settings to use when converting a film when using DVDFab?


Does it have a 7 inch screen? Welcome to the forum.

Yes it does

Hi Krazy. The 504 profile with one of the larger screen sizes should work well. If you have the plugin for H.264 use one of those. I have one for H.264 if you need it that I use with my 504. GregRocket made one for the 605 that you can download here in the forum. I will find it and edit in a link. Here is the one I made for my 504 that has H.264+MP3 audio (it is attached to the linked post with instructions): you will need to change the file suffix to [B].xml[/B] after downloading. Place in the DVDFab Profiles folder, then start DVDFab and install it (“ARCHOS H.264”) as a new DVD to Mobile device using Customize UI. After it appears in the left window in Customize UI->DVDto Mobile, use the >> button to move it to the right hand window. Move some of the devices you don’t use from the right window to the left if you need to make room. GregRocket’s profile will appear in the drop down on the Configure screen for PVP. Here is a linkto the thread about the 605. It has links to the 605 profile and other Archos info.

Thanks signals, will give it a try.