Any one ever had pneumonia?

Just wanted to drop in here as i’ve been off the forums for a while.
I am just getting over a case of pneumonia. It really sucked. I was in bed for over 2 weeks! I’m 47 and have never been sick like this in my life. I was actually too sick to sit in front of my pc. I had to take several weeks off from work and will be taking antibiotics for 2 more weeks.
Well one good thing is I have 85 pages of posts to go through! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Well, have a good time reading all those posts.

I had pneumonia a couple of years ago and it wiped me out for a few weeks. It is important to have someone to take care of you while you are sick otherwise you will end up in the hospital. Sometimes it leaves a chronic bronchitis condition that never goes away. You are more susceptible to it getting it again in the future consider a pneumonia shot.

I heard that they have an immunization for pneumonia. I will be asking my doctor about it when i see him again in a few weeks. Thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

yep 2 times. 1987 and 2 months ago. Sicker than a dog.

i had it when i was a kid…stayed in the hospital under a tent for almost 2 weeks…was really bad…since i get bronchitis …about twice a year…at least…yuck…

glad to hear your feeling better just take it easy …it wipes you out

Had it the week I moved from TN to OH

Yes, had it.

I got it when I was in the hospital about 4 years ago, luckily I was already in the hospital, so it wasn’t that bad.


I got pneumonia my junior year at Syracuse University. The health center there missed diagnost me for about two months. I was running 100-101F temperature for that entire time and always was hacking up crap (nice - huh?) , but they would only tell me to take it easy and stay on the tylenol and robitussin. Finally, one weekend will I was in the library trying to do a research project, I started couching uncontrollably. I just could not stop. The following morning I was having the craziest hot flashes and chills that I had ever experienced. My entire body would turn a bright red, I would sweat profusely (I felt like I was burning up), convulse and was unable to stand. After a couple minutes I would turn white as sheet and begin shivering like crazy (this was nothing like have “the chills” when you have a mild fever" - and it just kept cycling…). I went back to the health center that morning and my temperature had spiked over 105F. The nurses were a bit concerned. They took a chest x-ray and found that my right lung was about 1/4 filled and my left lung was essentially gone. I was sent immediately to the hospital. At the hospital I was packed in ice (OMG that felt good) and started on a erythromycin IV (which burns the crap out your veins - it would create red trail up my arm - when it was halfway up my upper arm - the vein/arm would be switched), and given pure (? - or atleast a higher concentration - I wan’t asking many questions at the time) O2 to breathe. Blood was drawn 3 times a day (twice from a vein and once from an artery-which really hurts). I was like that for 5 days, but was back in school the next week. My folks had to pickup/drop me off at the front doors to the buildings where my classes were for a week (they took a week off of work just to taxi me to school - an hour away - pretty significant sacrifice). It was two months before I would say that I was back to normal (both in how I felt and lung capacity).

I had been working out (i.e., lifting, running, etc.) 3 hours/day - 6 day week for a couple years prior to contracting pneumonia. I could not believe that anything could totally wipe me out like that. I know there are far worse things out there (my sister got both malaria and dengue fever at the say time - which very nearly killed her - while living in Paraguay!!!) than pneumonia, but it is no picnic either. I sympathize with anyone who has to endure it.

All-in-all, pheumonia just sucks.

I was finally able to get to work late last week for a few hours a day. Nothing like everyone telling you “You look Like $hiT!” I did a few thing around the house this weekend just to get some fresh air and it really tired me out. I can’t imagine having it for months! I got a new prescription of a different antibiotic, but I still can’t eat much so i guess I will not gain back any of the weight I lost till after I’m done with the medication. But I’m getting better. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

what the hell is pneumonia?

Do you have a dictionary? :wink:

Yeah, I had it a few years back. It really sucks! In bed for about 2 weeks and felt terrible for quite a while. I wouldn’t wish it on anybody.

i have never had it but my eldest daughter did at the age of 6 weeks she was pretty poorly adn was in hospital for nearly 6 weeks… she was visited by our priest as they thought she was not going to get through it she was affected long term as a toddler tho got very breathless …she is fit and well now tho at 26:D

I guess mine could of been worse but I still don’t have the lung capacity I did before, It is slowly getting better though :slight_smile: :slight_smile: