Any one can help me with my 1640 overburning error? never success~see pic

Sony 810 => 1640 with BSRB

test overburning fine at 4617mb

but when I want to start a real burn, this come out…

Any one can help me plz?

Use IMGburn instead of Nero, and remember to turn off SolidBurn.

Edit: Forgot to mention that you can only overburn +R discs, not dash. There’s a thread dedicated to overburning on the 1640 in here with lots of info. Well worth the time to check out. :slight_smile:

Yeah, check out the thread of 1640 overburning. Also, I have found that even though the overburning test in nero may say “4617mb” overburning to that point is quite impossible.

Edit: * You cannot overburn with Nero Burning Rom, only with cddvdspeed in the toolkit. *

I’m not sure it will make a big difference but I wouldn’t overburn faster than 8x, even with 16x media.

And as Qyngali already stated, use only +R, turn off Solidburn, and try Imgburn. ( Imgburn is great because you don’t need to build an .iso or .nrg file like you do with nero just to overburn.

Yes it does… at 16x you get coasters.