Any of you ppl know about dvd audio burning

i was just wondering how you bur dvd audio and what burners support it if any i had a look around but none i looked at even mentioned burning it few mentioned reding it

Yes, good topic. I have heard dvd recording is going to replace cd recording, but I’d like to know if it’s possible to do it yet, and how would I do playback? I have about 30 gigs of mp3s and I want to commit them to hard copy, and I want to do it the best way possible. Anybody w/some good advice?

i’ve never seen any program offer dvd-audio as a recording option before, and for good reason. dvd-audio is definitely not for consumer recording; it’s for very high bitrate surround sound streams, which i can’t imagine the typical home user producing on his own.

I meant dvd+rw burning and playback for mp3’s. I should have been more specific.

I just read another thread that answered my question. I guess the answer is not yet. I guess I’lll have to go the cd-rw route.
Thanks for the reply to the stupid newbie.

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DVD Audio recording software seems for now mainly targetted to professionals, and I doubt it will be soon affordable. There is also no SACD home software/recording platform.

Look here for DVD-Audio creation software.

I meant dvd+rw burning and playback for mp3’s

As far as I know,only DVD-ROM’s on PC’s
can play back MP3’s burned on recordable DVD. (Winamp reads them) But as far as recording DVD-Audio in the same fashion
as a CD,I tried it with Nero,and got an error message stating ‘Audio cannot be
burned on this type of disc’. Maybe it’s soon,but not yet…:rolleyes:

afaik, standalone players would not recognize the disc as being an mp3 disc, because they expect to find this on a cdr. it wouldnt even test for a dvd to have mp3s.

thats what they used to do - which is why i took my dvd burner back >.<

I have copied mp3’s to a DVD-R using Nero and it plays just like a CD-R on my standalone DVD player.

It would be great to add a menu that could let you play songs all by one artist and also let you sellect shuffle which would randomly pay an mp3 from any artist on the CD.

Any ideas on that?

Chivas,which dvd player is that,and I would love to have a shuffle mode on my dvd player,and my MP3 car stereo for that
matter,but these two have escaped me.
Let me know which one that is, Chivas… :cool: