Any Of These Drives Worth A Try?

I’m just thinking out loud, but are any of these worth a try for someone still using PATA:

LG GSA-H55NK for $29.99 and Free Shipping

Samsung SH-S202G for $30.99 and Free Shipping

ASUS DRW-1814BL for $26.99 AR and Free Shipping

Which would be your preference?

Also, for those who have witnessed the difference in burning capability between the 202G and 203B, do you have any explanations as to why the PATA drive does less well than the SATA?

Newegg drops the price on the SH-203B to $29.99 with free shipping, even if I already have the SH-203, I would buy more of it then those models listed above

I’d pick the 202G over either since it seems to fair better from the scans I’ve seen on the LG and Asus. Speaking from someone who actually owns the 202G and 203B, the 202G is a very capable drive with the right settings. I don’t think it does “less well” compared to the 203B, it just doesn’t get much fanfare with PATA interface diminishing while newer chipsets have more SATA channels. The 202G could definitely use a firmware update. Even looking at the Sony 840 scans, it does rather well with a variety of media.

I already own 2-S203B’s but i’m looking at SATA Asus and Pioneers. I will give Pioneer one last chance. I have no need for bitsetting etc…

The ASUS DRW-1814BL uses Mediatek chip, no longer Pioneer rebadge or NEC chip. I bought the pioneer 212D for a friend and it doesn’t burn most media at the rated speed.

rolling how do you like the performance of Samsung drive you have, last week when I went to Staples looking fro I/O Magic SKU# 608585 which supposedly to be BenQ drive 1655 when the could not locate the drive as computer showed they have it the manger gave me I/O Magic (Samsung 18X) with LS and RAM for the same price ($34.99). Needless to say I have not installed the drive and still am in the box.

Sounds more like a Sammy S183L and i would say the S203B is much better with my experience so far with both.

You should return it TCAS, get the SH-203B, SATA connection, time to move on to SATA connection and leave behind the PATA. Besides, it is a better drive and costs less