Any non-Taiwan DVD-R/+R media on retail shelves these days?

I’m new to this (using a standalone Panasonic), and as I check nearly every retailer in my area, it seems virtually everything is now from Taiwan…and from what I keep reading, that’s not a good thing. Even stuff that was rated good now has that tell-tale “made in Taiwan” sticker over the manufacturer’s original label that most likely says “made in Japan”. The only two exceptions I can think of were both found at Wal-Mart…a 3-pack of Maxell +R’s “High Grade Video” line, and a 3-pack of Maxell DVD-RAM discs. Both are made in Japan, and of course more expensive than I want to pay, in most cases. This brings me to my next question. My owner’s manual claims DVD-RAM discs are best for backing up the important stuff. Is that really true? Assuming they’re all stored/treated in the same fashion, do DVD-RAM discs (the NON-cartridge variety) have any sort of quality/longevity edge over -R/+R discs? Or is the only advantage having the contents going straight back to HDD without any loss?
One more thing I could not find in the FAQ is exactly what IS considered good storage. Are cool/dry/dark the only factors in proper storage? With my commercial CD’s, I prefer to store them in the Case Logic style sleeves. Are these also suitable for safely storing DVD-R/+R/-RAM discs??
many thanks for all replies and opinions!