Any non Liteon burner good for reading?



Hi everyone.

A cousin asked my opinion for buying a dvd burner. He wants to use it mostly for reading.

Lite-on burners are very hard to find here and our options are Pioneer 111, Samsung 182 and LG H22. I can also find Lite-on labeled BenQ 1650, but I have a real 1650 which is very bad with scratched discs.

I read that 182 is a good reader but I have read no opinions for the other two drives. If you own any of them, I would be happy if you would share your thoughts.


I found the LG is good for reading and on scratched discs it reads them better than some of the other drives. :slight_smile:



my Samsung SHW-163A is a better (but slower) reader that my Liteon SHM-165P6S. I’d go for the Samsung.