Any news / rumours about DVR-109 successor?

Anybody got advance information as to what Pioneer is going to release after the current DVR-109/A09 series?

Another DVD-R DL burner?

Hmm, I’ll guess it will be named DVR-110/A10 :stuck_out_tongue:
(no real info at the moment on this)

What ever it is, let’s hope Pioneer does not release it til its “done” this time. A buggy firmware and 1st to market does not mean a better drive. Get the 109 bugs fixed all the way before even considering a “new” model. I am just glad the things are dirt cheap now. Cheap upgrades. :smiley:

Pioneer DVR-110 Beige - Due mid/layer this year
Pioneer DVR-110BK Black
Pioneer DVR-A10XLA Beige
Pioneer DVR-A10XLB Black

Hmm wonder if that OZ shops a con, although does state not in stock yet.

The world is a DVD, the year is dual Layer