Any News on upcoming Liteon drives?

Well, I want to buy a new LiteOn, but I don’t know if I should wait longer. I already have a LightScribe HP640i, so no need for a LiteOn LS capable drive :wink:

At the moment the 1673 seems to be a good deal. I’ve also read about a 1693 with -R9 support, maybe it’s the same hardware. When will it be released?

The most interesting thing is that I read here (don’t find the thread anymore) there will be a new drive with real hardware changes and therefor won’t be named 16x3, instead it will have a 5 orso at the end. What about this rumor?


PS: 1653 @ 1673 is possible, right?

this is NOT possible due to hardware differences. but a 1673s will be upgradeable to 1693s when someone dumps a firmware.

noone knows exactly when the new drive generation xxx5 will be released.

don’t even know if 5s LITEON going to be release or not because the SONY’s chip and optical Laser bundle may break the 5s Chipset deal with MTK…

don’t know what will going on between LO and SONY…

>> Well, I want to buy a new LiteOn

Why? Lite-On is going worse and worse.
8*2S was a good line. *3S generation is a piece of… And things don’t going to be better. Sony never made good optical drives but just medium-quality overpriced drives.
So bye-bye Lite-On :’(

Get Benq 1620. It will get you all you need: good quality, advanced error checking capability, bitsetting etc.

sounds like another liteon hater
the 1673s is a step in the right direction
but I’m still not sure if they’re going to keep that up with their next set of drives.
Here’s hoping.

Well I have a Philips 1640 and a HP 640i Lightscribe Drive (which is a BenQ 1625) so no need for another BenQ/Philips :wink:

Why do I want a LiteOn drive?

Because my 811S was very good in writing CDRs like MCC or TY, very compatible with CloneCD/Alcohol and a good KProbe Scanner :slight_smile:

The 1673 can do KProbe, works well with Alcohol and CloneCD and CDR support with MCC and TY is still great - or isn’t that true?

if you want a liteon for cd burning, get a LTR - 52327S.

see this thread

I am having excellent burns with my new 1673 and very happy