Any news on Lite-on iHAS624 DVD Burners?

im wondering how come there isnt any news regarding the new Lite-on

iHAS624 DVD Burners…

im interested how the label tag turns out.

not a big fan of lightscribe.

Why not pursue the iHAS524 drive then - LabelTag and SmartErase minus LightScribe?

Strange, still no official news about the iHas624 release :confused:

Still no news…!

Someone in a German language forum ( asked LiteOn and got a reply of an expected date for September

Thanks for the info. They must have met some snags in production to miss the original forecast release.

Hm…very sad,
the iHAS624 will be my next burner as soon as available.

I guess I’ll just have to “make do” with my iHAS422’s for the time being…LOL.

Got this from Liteon today:

Dear Customer,

Thanks for your interest in Liteon product. Unfortunately we don’t have
iHAS624 available in US channel at this moment, it’s an Asia Pacific SKU
for now.

Thank you!

Sales & Marketing Department

Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions USA Inc.
Tel: 510-687-1800
Fax: 510-687-1900

And after 4 months, any news on iHAS624 ?
Is there any way to get a 624 firmware ?

I got an Asus DRW-24B1LT that seems to be a rebadged iHAS624 (lightscribe, smart-erase, and labeltag capable when crossflashed to ihAS524)… just need 624 firmware to get lightscribe AND labeltag :sad:

Since the drive hasn’t been officially released, there are no firmwares available.

The 24B1LT is more of a rebadged iHAS424 to begin with, but can be tweaked to support iHAS524 (as proven) and possibly iHAS624.

Thank you for answer :flower:
Hope 624 will be released soon.