Any news on EW164B firmware updates?

OK, the title says it all!
When, when & whenā€¦ (the last one is dated Dec. 2005) :frowning:
I would guess that I am not aloneā€¦
Thanksā€¦just needed to express that.

Yeah, I would like to see BSPB equivalent, maybe BEPB?

After the last two firmwares from BenQ for the 1650 and 1655 I wouldnā€™t be looking forward to anything based on those. I never tried BSPB but I am assuming it has the same slowdowns in writing speed ( not scanning speed ) as the others. I am wondering why they never released the origional firmwares, or even the two new ones on there European or USA websites. I think the newest BenQ firmwares are horrid.

Itā€™s really a pity.
I purchased this external DVD-Rewriter just for firmware updatesā€¦

you bought a writer just to update its firmware?