Any news about Tages?

Hello guys,
I would like to know if there’s news about tages. I read a post in which Futureproof said that the developer of Daemon Tools made a working copy of Motoracer3, but after this fact nothing.

they are working on an emulation.
but they need aditional infos stored in the image files.
so they are talking to authors of cd cloning software about including them…

but it’ll take a while till a version with emulation support will come out.


Like InSOMniA said:

We a currently working on support for some new protections, but as support for these protections also needs some changes in image formats also it may take some time until we will release a DAEMON Tools version with support for new protections. We’re currently negotiating with some burning program manufacturers who may include the needed support in their image formats. Be patient

Thanks for your replies.