Any news about Pioneer A09?

The DVD+RW Alliance just present the 8x DVD+DL, and Pioneer will present the DVD-DL, Plextor has 8x DVD+RW in their 716A, does anyone know when will Pionner release the A09? Or any news about the A09?

Nope, maybe it will be a true (CAV) 16x dvd+/-r, 8x DL drive; my guess it will be ready in 2nd quarter of 2005 but this is only my hope based on last night dream :slight_smile:

Seems the DVR-A09 “should” be the last DVD rercorder from Pioneer since that should take us to blue laser? :cool: Would be perfect with 16X CAV, 8X DVD-+RW, 8X DVD dual layer in plus and dash, and 48X CDR, 32X CD-RW :bigsmile:

I dunno, isn’t there still the possibility of RW DVD+/- DL? If they offer RW dual layer burning then there’s still room for more DVR burners from Pioneer. :smiley:

Historical evidence would seem to suggest Pioneer keeps quiet about such matters until close to an engineering sample or press sample is ready. With good reason I suppose.