Any new recommended external burners?

Trying to find an external burner (DVD DL) for burning and ripping. A lot of the stuff on the forums are outdated models or suggesting the enclosure route.

I have some gift certificates for BestBuy so, I thought I’d use them on a new burner to replace my old Sony DRX-500UL. It’s seen better days and my drives are starting to overflow with all kinds of data for the burning.

Nevertheless, went down to the local BestBuy today and saw that the selection was not all that great (to what’s recommended on here) and some of the models were hard to find reviews/opinions on.

HP 840e
Dynex DX-ECOD1
Sony 820u
Sony VRD-MC1
Sony VRD-VC20
Comstar (Pioneer) DVR-S111B
LG GSA-2166D
Plextor 750a

I thought about going with the Comstar since, it has the Pioneer 111. However, I’m not sure if it’s the same as the ones recommended on the forum. The Sony VRD-VC20 looked interesting but, haven’t found any solid reviews on that particular new setup of camcorder/vcr direct to DvD.

Anyways, appears those are my choices. I thought about saving the certificates and ordering an enclosure/drive online but, that’ll be a whole new ball game of reviews and research.