Any new plextors?



its been rather quite on plextor front, are there any new plextors planned?


AFAIK after 760/755 series there will only be ODM


I don’t know if tou can call this something new:

Plextor launches PX-DB608AL - Two in one DVD burn


whats the point of having two slow burners in one?


Hi :slight_smile:
This is Plextors latest offering. PX-800A . Most likely to be a rebadged Lite-On LH-18A1P.


There was a tread about it, saying that its a NEC Optiarc (7170, i think)


More likely to be a Sony NEC Optiarc AD-7170A from what I’ve seen.

EDIT: molnart was faster. :slight_smile:


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Interesting as I know it’s made by Lite-On who are doing most of NEC’s oem’s anyway.


Just a more than well known info in order to prevent any confusion for readers who don’t know: Although LiteOn is manufacturing NEC drives according to the poster above, LiteOn and NEC drives are totally different designs. NECs are of an NEC design, LiteOns of a LiteOn design.

I didn’t know whether LiteOn is able to produce outside designs for their industrial customers like NEC. So it is, now I know :cool:. Something I have asked here once, and nobody answered :bigsmile:.


oh god no, lite-on makes nec and plextor drives? WTF

this lite-on shit needs to be stoped


LiteOn is also making the new BenQ drives too, aren’t they? :stuck_out_tongue:


I better get 2 more 760A before something happen ( lite on or NEC rebadged )

Total 43 DVD Burner I own


I agree… Plextor is dying!!! :sad: :sad: :sad:


LiteOn has bought BenQ’s optical drive business some months ago. There are new “BenQs”, but those are the usual new LiteOn drives with a BenQ face plate: DW1680, DW1800 and DW2000. There came up questions whether those “BenQs” are higher quality in production than the LiteOn branded LiteOns, but no definite statement about that so far afaik. Afaik beginning with the DW1800 / LiteOn 18x drive some BenQ technologies have been merged with LiteOn’s. But to be sure about that I would ask in the LiteOn section.

And Plextor is not dying at all in my opinion :disagree:. They release new products like mad.


I got news few month ago they will closed ODD businese.
I was rush into buying Plextor products Now What ! PX-800A ???
They not release Premium 2 CD-RW ( U.S market ) I’m still waiting more than one years now

I’m so sad King is gone… all I want Return of the King …


I don’t get what’s going on with these optical drive manufacturers. Why can’t they design a good burner model and sell it until there is some major revolution in ODD technology, such as DVDs replacing CDs, speeds can be increased twice without sacrificing any quality, etc. What’s the point of releasing new models every month, half of them crap?


Agreed. LITE-ON is producing most of them and they are useless except for scanning. I miss the days of Plextor, Yamaha, BenQ… Drive MFG’s that put out one piece of hardware and continue firmware development for it. A company that stood behind their product. Well that business model does not work. [B][I]GREED[/I][/B] and making money NOW!!! With all the OEM deals and corner cutting, quality has pretty much taken a back seat… a back seat in some forgotten corner. It was a concern of mine when BenQ got swallowed up by LITE-ON. I hoped LITE-ON saw it as an opportunity to get better… it was just a way to eliminate the competitor and continue their get rich quick business practices.


Yeah, they’re releasing a new model, but it’s not a true Plextor. I don’t understand why you’re feeling so misled about this. I’d take another PX-760A over this PX-800A any day.

The point is that all of their competitors are releasing new models every month. Yeah, there aren’t any major changes, but it’s not good for business if you sit there and keep selling 16X DVD±R drives when your competitors are selling 20X drives. Sure, 20X quality blows, but most consumers don’t know that. Even if they do, they like to have the option available. Most people are rather simple and equate faster to better. In this case, however, Plextor is finally providing DVD-RAM read/write.


I bet most people don’t even know what brand/model their DVD writer is. They just have what the manufacturer put into the case


Very true. I used to work at Best Buy, and I do not recall a single OEM PC advertising anything but “DVD WRITER ZOMG.” Most people don’t give two shits about the media they use either. I tried to be the good samaritan while I worked there by explaining to so many people that the company’s Dynex media is fraudulent Chinese crap. They’d reply, “but it’s sooooo cheap!” and end up buying it.

Come on. Come on. That’s a bit harsh, isn’t it? LiteOn has been very good about updating my LH-20A1H’s firmware on a regular basis. Moreover, it burns several MID’s much better than my Plextor does, like MCC 03RG20 for example.