Any new news on 3500 error checking?

Been out of touch for a while. Just curious if anyone has any new news on an error checking enabled fw for the 3500. I can’t seen to find anything since dee closed that thread a month ago. Thanks.

And there have been several new threads about this issue. They all have been closed, so expect this thread to be closed very soon also.

Haha…I’ve posted here before the thread closed!!!

Let’s not start this again…

No go, and probably not going to go, time will tell.

No - there is no such firmware available to the public currently.
Threads on this topic will be closed until this firmware actually makes an appearance ( if ever ).
Closure is due to flaming / attacking that occurs every time this topic is discussed.

I shall try to do my best to request it for public release, but I only have so much influence.

Thank you all for your participation on cdfreaks forums. :slight_smile: