Any new good BD-R (BDXL) burners out or coming out soon?

My BDR-S099 (2nd unit) is getting long in the tooth and having more and more failures with MediaRange BD-R DL 50GB printable (CMCMAGDI6). My BDR-XS06JIL and SE-506CB are not any better.

I still back up to BD-R DL 50GB, mainly to save space. 25GB discs would require double the storage space.

Does anybody know of any recent, new or upcoming BD-R burners that are worth buying for BD-R DL burning?

Drive can be internal or external, full 5.25" or slim type.

It looks like most manufacturers have exited the business.

Any news from Pioneer about a BDR-209/09 successor - or has Pioneer also thrown in the towel?

I have found some odd units, which I don’t know the quality for, so if anybody knows how these units perform, or what the drive inside is, please chime in:

Asus SBW-S1 PRO external USB (comes with a sound card, very expensive)

Asus BW-16D1X-U USB 3.0 external

IoData BRP-UT6ALK USB external (released in 2016?)

IoData BRD-S16PX internal

Buffalo BRXL-16U3VBDXL

And if anybody knows, in case some of the above are rebadged drives (like LG or Pioneer), do they come with their own firmware (with different burning strategies) and can they be cross-flashed?

I’m not just trying to find a novel new drive, but to find a drive that gives me reliable burning for another 2-4 years (hopefully).

Thanks for any insights!

I guess the optical disc burning for consumers is pretty much dead. Guess it’s time to buy the remaining LG (BH16NS55) and Pioneer (BDR-209) drives as backups, while they are still in the retail channel.

The Pioneer BDR-209x series are very good burners, so you can’t go wrong with having one or more extras. I prefer mine to my newer generation LG burners. I don’t know about Pio successors to the BDR-209 series. If you’re also looking for a good ripper, then I would lean towards the LG. However, neither drive will let you scan your Blu-ray burns, if that’s a consideration.

Thanks for the rec. It jives with my experiences. My main burner is Pio S09XL (2 units) and I scan with LiteOn iHES-208, Samsung SE-506CB and LG WH16NS48DQ.

I have scanners, but I’m worried about running out of burners, once wear-and-tear runs it course.

Hence, I guess I need to buy a cold unit into storage, just in case :smiley:

As you may know, the Pioneer BDR-S11J & S11J-X premium Japanese models were just announced. [As in, within the past 48 hours.] These new x11 models add Ultra HD BD read support. Other specs seem to be roughly equivalent to x09 series.

No word on whether non-premium 211D, 211, or 211M/U/E models will be released. No word on whether S11XLB or XLT premium non-Japanese variants will be released. No word on when the drives will be released worldwide.

Also, the Asus BW-16D1HT is now known to have made the crossover to LG’s latest BH16NS50 hardware. You can assume the external model will probably be the same, or [if old stock] may contain the BH16NS40-based model.