Any NEC2510 PI/PO/Speed graphs yet?

After burning 50 bad DVDs (tried every firmware) with my NEC2500, its gone back to SVP and they have agreed its faulty.
I have opted to get a replacement 2510 rather than a 2500.

I was wondering if any early owners of 2500 have any test results of the 2510 burns - especially on RITEKS as thats what i will probably be feeding it in UK.

Also anyone have news/rumours on the 2500/2510 internal differences ?? If any other than firmware

Also just like to say SVP ROCKS like no other shop on NET in my books !
Highly recommeded to all UK buyers

There are no differences in hardware.
Read more HERE

i got an oem nec2510. it is really a prototype machine.
u may wan to see my page. i did not have,yet, dual layer media here in singapore. but i burnt a TDK 4x dvd-r media at 8x using the nex2510. the PI/P0 graph is excellent. :bigsmile:

Your KProbe scans must be made at 4x to compare results here. You were testing at Max speed which will give you very high PI/PO errors as seen in your graphs.