Any method to recover my dead Pioneer A05?

Hi all,

I just try to upgrade my firmware, but the computer was hang when I do this, and after rebooting the computer, the drive cannot be recgonize, so isn’t it any method to recover my driver ?
Help me pls…

does ur motherboard bios detect it… ?
Assuming it does not…
Here it goes…

… this works only if u have another cd/dvd rom drive…MTKFLASH 1.8
1:Find a win98/ms dos Boot disk/cd
2:Open your cabinet
3. figure out your Primary & secondary masters & slaves.:confused:
4.Now connect other cd/dvd to secondary slave IDE cable & disconnect the writer but keep power cables intact…
5.Boot the computer… Bios will detect cd/dvd rom as secondary slave, save the settings and reboot with the Boot disk to dos mode.
7.insulate ur self (simply sit on a chair , keep ur self off the ground)
8.Remove the IDE cable from the cd/dvd drive and attach it to the writer…DO NOT POWER OFF THE SYSTEM…
9. Run mtkflash1.8 from C: drive(HARDDISK ONLY)
10.somethin like…C:\mtkflash X w firmware.hex
11. X is 4, since it is secondary slave
12. Wallaaaa… mtkflash flashes ur drive…
13.Its fully operational Now.:bow:
14.Simply reboot:eek:

The Pioneer DVR-A03 is still recognised after a bad flash (and reports a firmware version ‘0.00’), so that the official flasher can still detect and flash it (and repair it).

I’m kinda surprised that the DVR-A05 behaves differently…

Anyway, forget about mtkflash. Pioneer drives do not have a mediatek chipset

So is there any method at all to fix this as i have the same problem

mtkflash and a Pio burner? lol

Boot into real DOS and run an offical flasher package from Pioneer.

Will that work, when i boot up my pc it doesn’t even recognize my drive as being there

Even on another computer not recognized by the BIOS?

Then your last hope is IDE hotplug flashing, but you would need another A05 which works to achieve that…

Time for a A10/110/1608!

Must agree with etp. Time to give the A05 the last rites and move on. With lots of great burners out there in the 40-50 dollar range it’s time to move up about five generations!

BENQ 1640/ BSLB tdb
PIONEER 110D >A010XL/ 1.37 tdb
LACIEd2 > BENQ 1625/ BBIA tdb/ Firewire external
LG/GSA-4167B/ DL12 tdb

How do you compare the A10 to the 1640? I am thinking of getting the 1608 and crossflash it!

Too late! Just ordered a $38 1608!

etp, I hope you have ordered an 1608P2, because the 1608 is a 109…

1608p2 39.99 afaik

1 ASUS Black IDE DVD Burner 5X DVD-RAM Read Model DRW-1608P2 BK - OEM
Item #: N82E16827135046 $39.99
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I think they compliment each other well. The A10 has the 5X RAM capability and burns my TYG02 the best. The 1640, as you know, is just a great “do everything” unit.