Any member with experience "Disc Dabber Tray" Canon pixma 5000?



I have had the Disc Dabber Tray for my Pixma 5000 recommended to me.
My neighbour is from Asia and told me today that he used one of these in his Pixma 4000 as it was legal for use in Asia, while at that time Epson was the only one here in the America’s with the use of the technology.

I am wondering if any member here has used one of these and what were his/her experiences.
Otherwise I will likely have to buy the ip 4300, while we own ip PIXMA 5000 (2) and would certainly like to buy a third party add on if it will work properly as the ink cartridges for the ip 4300 are different and we really don’t need a 3rd printer.
We have 2 Canon notebook printers as well as our old work horse canon 2400 sitting in the wings if need be.

I hope there are members out there who have experience with such canon trays and can comment. All we want to do is make decent labels on printable media with either of our BenQ external burners or our Sony 810 UL. These are our homemade dvd’s that we use as gifts at Christmas and send away in the mail to save the cost of mail charges and make the rest of the family happy. At this point we have simply been scrawling on the top of the DVD.

We would appreciate experienced comments, thankyou.


The conversion for disc printing on the IP500 is pretty straightforward. Get the trays on Ebay and stick with the main sellers.

Read all about it HERE


I have used the disc dabber tray for my ip3000 (tray b). I will say that there is no problem with the tray grabbing(which could be a concern since the ip3000 doesn’t have rollers, I believe your pixma 5000 has rollers though). I do have a problem with it, everything works fine but there is a small spot about .5 inches wide(band) that gets a little blurry. I believe that it is becasue the tray is rubbing weird at that place on the tray…I have tried contacting disc-dabber but have been unable to get ahold of them…I am willing to bet that all the trays aren’t like this but I don’t know…


I was wondering if CDAN has a PIXMA 5000 and actually used the tray. Though we know that it is cheaper to buy the tray, if it does not do a decent job; the hassle of customs here in Canada and the p/u of the item is not worth the time and it would be better for us just to buy the ip4300 even though the cartridges are different and we understand you need to use Canon’s own brand, however that they are actually larger than the 5000 cartridges which we use and we always use Canon ink and have never had problems.

I hope there are comments from those who have used the tray with this specific model of Canon.
BTW, is all of the software included in the units that one purchases from Ebay? What I mean to say is that I wondered if the software for the image one wants to print onto the dvd is there and also, I read in that Link that the Nero Cover was better, which is the program that I have on my notebook program here; however it is not downloadable???
Since I am not a techie I don’t really understand what this means??? I again read that in the Link supplied by CDAN.
Just thought I would ask, since I am new to all of this,

Thankyou, ( our Asian neighbour suggested that we post as he only used this tray with his PIXMA 4000 and had no knowledge about our 5000 and any issues with the tray. BTW, I did do some inquiring on EBAy with a seller and it is also tray B that is for the 5000 as well, so do the 3000,4000 and 5000 all use the same tray then. Thought that I would add that on as there was an indication that with the 3000 there is a issue, albeit perhaps small but there is a bit of blur on a small portion of the image onto the printable media, at least that is what I understood, I maybe wrong.



You can download CD LabelPrint software from Canon. It’s all you need.