Any "media" about trafficpollution

Hi all,

For the Ethics class, we have to make some sort of presentation. Our subject is pollution caused by cars and traffic in general.

Actually, the point we are aiming at, is that people use the car without asking themselves the question whether it’s really necessarry; it’s there and we use it. The car has become a part of our life and “controls our behaviour”. (the contrast between car + freedom <-> car + being determined in our handling by that same car).
We’ll try to verify this and people’s opinions through a survey.

We’ll also use some statistics, facts about fuel-types, “clean energy”,…

But, the reason why I’m posting this thread, we need some footage for our powerpoint/video presentation :slight_smile: This involves pictures/movieclips/scenes of commercial movies/… from traffic pollution all over the world. I’m thinking of Tokio (masks), Mexico-city, London, Moscow & Athens (dome of smog),…
And also information about initiatives to lower the pollution (like the thing with the number plates in Athens or the fee you have to pay when you want to visit London with your car)

I’m going to visit Barcelona next week, so I can take some pictures and film some heavy traffic jams and the pretty crowded motorways. We’re also gonna take some footage here in Belgium (including all kinds of trafficpollution; traffic jams, laying out of new motorways, energy consumption (street lights; on almost every motorway here in Belgium), transport with trucks,…)

But this won’t be enough, so if you could help us out with some pictures or if someone remembers a movie that shows some big city with its pollution, we would be very happy :slight_smile:

The Discovery Channel must have more than 50 documentaries about pollution.

mexico city is probably the worst example you could find.