Any luck writing RiTEK 8x media?

anyone had any luck writing at 8x with this media??
using the liteon 812s with latest firmware.

Drive Type = DVD DUAL
Disc Type = DVD+R (Single Layer)
Disc MID = 52 49 54 45 4B 00 00 00 (RITEK…)
Disc TID = 52 30 33 (R03)
Nominal Capacity = 4.38GB
Manufacturer Maybe = RiTEK Corporation
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 8.0X (Write)

coasters at 8x no problems at 4x write…?

Ive written 15 or so R03 discs at 8x with no read errors, but K-Probe does show osme fairly high numbers on both inner & outer graphs.

They play great.

I will try again maybe get one to work… thanks