Any local brick and mortar shops have 80 strand IDE cable?

Need to get some so I can make sure my drive runs at correct speed…anyone local sell them like BB, CC, OD or OM? Save me the trouble of waiting on New Egg…??/


Local to where???

just about every electronics/computer/office store caries them, but you will pay a premium compared to newegg

I seriously doubt you would find anything else BUT 80-wire cables, most anywhere you look. They’re generally labeled as “ATA-100/133”.

Frys would be your best bet. Look for HDD IDE cables.

ok…thanks guys -gals…I am not up to date on all my computer stuff…I just use my computer now to make backup dvd’s…sorry for the newb question…

I buy a new drive like once every year or so…no longer into upgrading the computer

I went to Staples awhile back looking for 80 wire IDE cables and they only had 40 wire. They said that the 40 wire cables work great on whatever you have…

:doh: Great. I wouldn’t even think of checking my local Staples for computer hardware. But they had really cheap Verbatim Pastel CD-R :bigsmile:

For cables and similar, I would ask in smaller computer stores. The big consumer electronic stores are mostly extra pricey with that kind of goods.