Any last word of advice before moving to Benq?

Hi guys. I’ve been a long time supporter and owner of Liteon drives. I currently have a 411s and I want to upgrade to a 16x DL drive.

I am about to buy a benq 1620 but before I do, do you guys have any last words to say that would make me stay with Liteon?

I will still use my 411s as a backup and cd burning.

Thanks to all your great help and support.

I only use my 1653S to KProbe scan.

Got a Benq 1620, which do CD-DVD Speed scan, and have much better burn quality.

I guess it’s about time to sell the 1653S.

I have a 1633s that I bought from and it is far better than the 411s IMHO. I have no issues with my 1633s and I burn with the RicohJPNR01 discs I get AWESOME results. You can get both from

Thanks to all the great work by the Code guys, I use the BS41 firmware (ominpatched of coures) and get great burns everytime!!

Don’t give up on Lite On just yet.

BTW every optical drive I own is a Litey!

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If you’re going to keep a 411S around for CD burning/backup, then get the BenQ. Though the LiteOns are still superb readers/rippers, and the BenQ at the moment can’t rip as fast as a 3S drive.

have a great time with the benq. i liked the 1620 so much i bought 2. i have a 1633s as ripper/kprobe.

I have mostly moved on to using the NEC 3500’s and BEnQ 1620’s, but will still use the liteons for ripping and running kprobe occassionaly, but in general dont look back enjoy the benQ :slight_smile:

I’m just waiting for newegg to have them back in-stock so I can order it.

I converted to the BenQ1620 from a LiteOn451S. It’s amazing how well the 1620 is burning media I had laying around - media that I was consistently getting coasters with the 451S. All the money I wasted on coasters with the 451S would have bought me two 1620’s. Oh well, live and learn.

why not just buy the i/o magic at retail ??? staples usually sells it for $59.00 a/r. i must say thier new easy rebates come in as little as 3 wks. nice deal. plus if u have problems you walk drive back to store, no questions asked.

The 411s was a pretty crappy drive… :sad: But I must say my 1633s with proper media is a great drive.

I’ve also got a Nec 3500A and love it too. But I’ve always enjoyed liteons.

How can I tell if the I/O magic I pick up will have benq inside? Any labels or markings to look for on the box?

Be careful. You might end up with a BTC. Look at the picture on the box. The LED on a Benq is right next to the open button. Also, the box will say that the drive supports dual layer burning at 2.4x. The BTC burns DVD+R DL at 4x.

Just did a few tests with my drives LiteON 811S FW HS0R and Benq 1620 FW B7T9.
Ripping a DVD-9 (6,33 GB) using latest Versions of DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink (No Compression).

  1. DVD Decrypter
    a) LiteON 14 min. 27 sec.
    b) Benq 14 min. 47 sec.

  2. DVD Shrink
    a) LiteON 16 min. 27 sec.
    b) Benq 15 min. 00 sec.

So I did not agree with code 65536, that the Benq at the moment can`t rip as fast as a 3S drive.

811s is a 1s drive. Try ripping in a 1633s with inreased reading speed firmware “enhancement”

my 1633s (bs0s, omnipatched) can rip a movie-dvd (dual-layer, 7,4gb) in about 5 minutes with dvdshrink.