Any known issues with Verb 16x -

Any known issues with Verb 16x - because I have a spindle that are failing between 2 and 3 gig on every burn. All my other dash media burns great, from TYG-02 to 8x Verb- and also Maxell 8x dash burning at 16x. I have tried different frimwares and different drives, the media is bad. I was wondering if anyone else has had issues with 16x dash Verbs. The spindle I had was a 10 pack I bought to try at Staples. Please let me know if anyone has had this issue.

Hiya alan1476 - could you make a test disc with Nero CDSpeed and then do a disc scan - would be good if you could post the results. Also, could you post the disc info from CDSpeed to see what dye is beign used.

Hi ab: The media code is definitely MCC 03RG20. I really don’t scan them much but you can see the disc is not burning when you look at the disc. I have tryed them with 4 different drives and all different firmwares. All my other dash media burns fine. I will check tomorrow at Best Buy to see if the 25 packs are the same.

could be just a very bad batch or storage conditions - I actually seen an office retailer here with cakeboxes of discs in his window at very good prices - with the full glare of the sun on them… mmmm… should I buy them???

Actually sun damage on discs will noramlly display first on the outer edges - my friend found that out when he stored his discs next to his window.

This could be, but these discs were on a rack in the store (Staples) They were 10 packs. I just thought I would try them. I am going to Best Buy and check the 25 packs to see if this is a media problem or I have a problem with this particular media.

funny thing here - at your location you have Jersey - for some stupid reason I thought it was Jersey in the Channel Islands - not as in USA - doh!!! Wondered how the hell you were getting good media out there - hehehehehe

I have no issues with them, except for slightly elevated PIE at the beginning of the disc. Most of the spindle I got right now is QS99, worst one was a 96 IIRC. Though I burn them on 12x, not 16.

I guess thats why they call this state New Jersey.

MCC 03RG20 Verbs are my best discs at this time, actually better than TYG03.

The only problem that I have with these 16X -R Verbs is on my Pioneer 109, and this is a drive/firmware issue with CAV medias (all CAV medias are affected with the 109) that is discussed in the Pioneer forum. The media itself is not the problem.

On my Benq 1620 this media burns flawlessly everytime (though actually results are better on the Pioneer… :frowning: )

You probably have a bad batch, or damaged medias. Look for visible defects (spots) on the blank discs left. If you find some, it’s a storage problem (heat). Try to bring them back.