Any issue using a burner on a SATA PCI card?

Hello Freaky-freaks,

I recently bought a Maxtor SATA/150 PCI adapter card so I could use a new SATA HD on my old mobo. I am considering buying a new 16x dvd burner but was unsure if I should get a SATA drive or a regular IDE drive. My question is this… Is there any advantage in getting a SATA drive vs. an IDE drive… and if I do get a SATA drive is there any performance concerns or issues in putting a burner on a SATA PCI controller card?



from what I have heard there are some issues with Sata burners on some brands of cards. If I recall correctly the promise controller was the most reliable.

The Maxtor one could work. However, I think there is no advantage for that about IDE(PATA)/SATA.

S-ATA burners have 0 benefits over P-ATA Burners infact as far as remember the Plextor burner that uses the S-ATA interface is really just a P-ATA burner that is converting to serial internally (however i could be wrong), if you want to avoid headaches especially since its a PCI card you’re running stick with good old P-ATA (IDE) or whatever you want to call it, S-ATA burners need to mature a hell ofalot before i even take a second look at them.

Does Maxtor build those cards ? Or do they have chips from different companies ?

Yes… the Maxtor card does use the Promise chip… and it was a little cheaper than the Promise branded board.

Well cool… thanks for all the advice everyone! I guess I will just stick w/ a PATA drive and avoid any “potential” issues since there is no performance gains. I just thought it might be wise to go SATA for the future mobo i will buy someday. Plus I like how the little SATA cables look through my case window =)

Now to decide what 16x drive to buy…

Dont worry the P-ATA interface will be around for a while yet, as for cables get yourself some nice round IDE cables :wink: and stick 2 fingers up to those anorexic S-ATA cables