Any ISO mounting progs that support MP3's?



Hi, it’s mr_bigmouth_502 here, I’m just wondering if there are any ISO mounting programs that support MP3’s in place of WAVs for the CD music track emulation. The reason I’m asking this is because I obtained some used Sega Saturn games, and I decided to rip 'em to my HDD to use with SSF (I don’t have a real Saturn) along with an ISO mounting program like Daemon Tools. Unfortunately, neither Daemon Tools nor Alcohol 120% work with MP3’s. Sure, I could convert them to WAVs (I tried and it works), but then it takes up a whole crapload of space (which is very limited with only a half empty 40 GB HDD). Any help would be appreciated.

BTW, I ripped the actual game tracks (the ones with the game programs themselves) to .BIN files, if that makes much of a difference.