Any interesting burns to have

what are some interesting dvdrw drives to test out? I’ve got the 1635s, 165h6s, 1693s, 716a; I’m looking into the nec 3550, benq dw1655, lg 4167b and pioneer dvr110. anyone else got any crazy recommendations?

These are all nice choices, and if you would be ready to pay the price maybe for the plextor 755 or i’ll hope it comin soon the 760 announced for feb.2006 but not an exact release date.

For me, anything Plextor (I’ll explain below) and Pioneer would be out of consideration. Of that list, my favorites would be the LiteOn 1693s, and BenQ 1655, as I’ve seen bunches of great scans from those units, with the 1693s doing better over a wider range of mids than even the BenQ 1655. Also, if you have the BenQ DW 1650 available, I would take that, as it has a slight edge over the 1655 in burn quality, and if you don’t need the Lightscribe feature of the 1655, the 1650 should save you money over the 1655. :wink:

The reason anything Plextor would be out for me is because while I have a 716a, I’m convinced from my burns that the 716a’s write strategies are lacking–in other words, I saw the same mids I burned on my BenQ 1640 burned with far better quality than my 716a. Also, if you get a Plextor, you’ll get stuck with next-to-nothing f/w updates, and you’ll be lucky if you get any f/w updates in 120 and up to 180 days. Compare this to the BenQ that comes out with f/w updates ~ 45-60 days. Plextor on its newer units (755 in particular) only have about 4 supported mids built in, with the rest ‘supported’ under Autostrategy (meaning Plextor was too lazy to test mids to develop quality stock write strategies to build into the database). Plus, getting a good Plextor is a bit doubtful–especially when you consider you pay more for a drive that does much less than drives like the LiteOn 1693s and BenQ 1640/1650/1655, that only cost 1/3 the price of a Plextor.

thanks. the only good burners plextor made were their plexwriter premiums. I already have a 716a, got it for $65 after rebate :); I was just asking what other writers I should add to those that I already own.
I’m quite pleased with the 1673s/1693s now with the kc4b firmware myself.

Anyway, could you expand on your suggesstion against the pioneer dvr110?

Yeah, would appreciate to see that too. :wink:

The Pio110 is surely no burner made for scanning, but one of the best quality burners for DVD SL and especially DL media. DL+ up to 8x and DL- up to 8x.
Also DVD-RAM burning up to 5x…

If I would say the 4167, the 1655 and 3550/3551/4550/4551 are bad drives I must be lying. They are good choices too!