Any initial impressions on nero 7?

If this has already been discussed I must have missed it but do any of you have any opinions on nero 7 compared to 6? I know it is kind of new and is probably buggy, but hows the interface and features? I’ll probably buy it sooner or later but I was just curious. Any initial thoughts from any of you that have bought it yet?

I’ve installed the Nero demo. I haven’t used it to do very much, but here’s what I think so far.

Initial Impression: Nero has gone to the dark side. All it lacks is an animated paper clip to follow you throughout your Windows desktop.

All the functionality of the 6.6.x.x series is there, and the burning engine has been flawless for me so far. Nice clean DVD & CD burns, no problems closing sessions, booktypes are applied correctly, etc. The UI uses a bit more system resources, but it isn’t bad–maybe a bit overboard on the alpha-blending.

I haven’t used Nero’s audio utilities, but Nero Vision worked fine for a 5.3GB --> 4.38GB transcode and PAL --> NTSC conversion.

Nero Scout: Ugg. I think Nero should realize it’s a burning application rather than a file & media manager. I don’t need another program offering to organize my files for me. There’s probably a way to disable Nero Scout’s icon in My Computer, but I ended up disabling its functionality and then going into the registry to get rid of the icon.

Current Impression: Nero 7 seems to be a full-featured authoring/burning application aimed at the mainstream segment, and as such also seems to function well. It doesn’t take much of a learning curve to get things done. I personally find Nero 7 aggravating–it took me a while to disable the things that annoyed me (Nero Scout, restrictive defaults, etc.). Anyway, as it is it’s working well for me, but I don’t think I’ll purchase it when the trial runs out. All I want is a capable burning program, not a jack-of-all-trades.

tropic, you mentioned clean cd burns. I have not had one clean burn with Nero Burning Rom or Nero express with version when burning mp3’s as a CD. This happens even when burning to disc image and then mounting it in daemon tools. It starts skipping during the first song every time, so I uninstalled it and put back on. I never had that problem with 6.6.

Looks like several people are having issues–doesn’t seem to be a burn issue, but rather an MP3 decoding issue.

I tried the demo and I had that problem. The cds I made sounded like they skipped in my cd player.

I uninstalled it after that.

just installed demo and what i like about it is, that you can exactly choose which components to install. i just installed Nero main-application and the tools (cd/dvd-speed etc.) - nothing more. installation folder is around 45 MB, so, the general Nero application has not grown much.
that’s my first impression, had no chance to get a second one, yet :wink: