Any Information on External DVD Burners



I need some information on external DVD Burners. If any of you know any way to help me, my questions are:

-Are DVD burners universal? Meaning, if i bought one would it work on different types of computers?
-How much of a difference would a cheap…say $40 DVD burner make to a $100 DVD burner? Do they not generally have the same purpose?
-Do they work to burn a dvd onto your computer and burn one off of it? (Sorry, I’m completely clueless about this):confused:
-Where can I find relatively cheap ones? I’m eighteen working part time and going to college. My money is verrrrry limited :doh:

Thanks in advance! : ) :bow:


Welcome to the forum thelasthurrah

  1. Yes

  2. Usually very little

  3. Yes

  4. If in the US, look here.