Any info or rumors on Plextor's next burner?



Just wondering if there’s any indication whether it will support Blu-ray, HD-DVD, both, or just be an upgraded DVD-9 burner.


It looks like Plextor’s next burner will be a cheaper re-badged BenQ 1640 … the PX-740A.

As a customer, I’d vote for a new ‘real’ Plextor writer with complete 716A functionality and the additional capability of handling DVD-RAM and Lightscribe …


The PlenQ.

Then we can have endless discussions about whether it’s pronounced “plenk” or “plen-cue” :bigsmile:


Not entirely correct … since Plextor re-badges a BenQ development, it should be called BenQtor IMO :bigsmile:


It will indeed be interesting to see if Plextor will go directly to blu-ray/HD-DVD or whether there will be another DVD-9 burner. Even if those new technologies would make their appearance in the market tomorrow, would it be wise to jump on the wagon immediately? I mean it would most likely be similar like burning DVDs with 1x or 2.4x again. Are we eager for that? Plextor entered the DVD market relatively late (the 504 was burning at 4x already). They also quit the CD marked with a highlight (Premium). Considering this I’d very much like to see an “DVD Premium” Drive vom Plextor before they embark on the Blu-ray/HD-DVD market.

What would you think about a drive that offers all the features of the 716a plus 8x ±RW, 12x ±DL and 16x DVD-RAM? I think such a drive could reasonably (technically and marketing wise) be expected in August/September as a replacement for the 716a.


Would be nice :slight_smile:
I’ve talked a few days ago with one of the plextor guys, he told me, like
you said september, maybe it will come a new burner with dvd-ram support,


Nah, it’s going to be none of those things. It’s going to be a broken Liteon SOHW-1693S with the name Plextor written in magic marker on the Tray and on the top of the drive. Plextor will charge $139 for it, and brag about the new special technologies they put into it. Yeah, I’m joking, but, it’s funny given how many of their 716 drives have been DOA.





Ok, let’s get back on track.

Plextor has for some time has two lines: internally developed premium products and rebadged things for specific markets.

PX-740 falls in the latter category.

Any info on what is Plextor’s next internally developed “premium” (their label, not mine) product?


Any news? Rumours?

Or is Plextor as tight lipped as usual?

No info, until the drive is ready to be announced?


I guess we have to wait and see what BenQ comes out with.
Sorry I couldn’t resist.


I think the 504 was a rebaged NEC, wasn’t it ?

The first real Plex was the 708 or 712.


Plextor PX-504A = NEC ND-1100A


You can read here the unique recent interview given by Plextor-Europe to a online website:


Not much news, but at least they confirm that they are reading this forum :slight_smile:


Fortunately many companies consider online forums as a good place to gather information on what their (potential) customers would like. You’ll be suprised how many companies monitor at least our forum!


It seems the first Blu-ray and HD-DVD drives will come from HP, Dell, Toshiba… and the first with both Blu-ray and HD-DVD probably from LG, NEC… Plextor can’t be too early.