Any info on optodisc/cmc mag/datasafe


looking for comments on past experiences with these media.

I know you cant say this one or that one is the best etc and its not what i am looking for.

You see , i need to purchase 2000 discs so it would be nice to know what some of you guys have found on your travels through DVD land.

Yes i will get samples and run them through thier ppaces before buying 2000 pcs but in general how do you feel about CMC Vs say datasafe Ritek ?

The optodisk is interesting because SVP have a run out on 2x optodisc. DVDINPRO: OPTODISCK001 (ck001?)

any experience with this ?

I have a 2500A but given the optodisc are so cheap over so many disks it would be very much worth while to buy the right burner to burn 2000 of these as i think the NEC does not weave its magic at 2x but i stand to be corrected…

Anyway whatever experiences you can share with me would be very helpful and may save me 2000 new problems i dont need.



you can, of course, see scans of all three in the 2500, just consult the test forum.

Of the 3, I would pick the CMC for the 2500A, they work great.

WHy thankyou Mr Grimes


Oops dont take that the wrong way …it could be read as “Why should i thank you” …which is not what i meant…

i meant THANKYOU …Mr Grimes…

well looked all through there as you suggested.Found one or two that match my setup , but nothing on 2x ck001 written by 2500a…

hmmm maybe i need a liteon burner after all, just to verify media…



The Optodisc -R is not well known, but based on the available tests I’d say it’s “Average”.