Any info on Optiarc ad-7560a?

Perhaps it is a model that is specific to Acer. Anyone know of an official firmware for it?

Current firmware is dx06, but it has trouble with Verbatim discs:
Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD-R:MCC 03RG20]

I think this drive is (like the AD-7530A) an OEM drive and not manufactured by NEC/Optiarc.

What problems do you have with this drive on MCC03RG20?

Acer eRecovery botched 2 of them with a vague error, then worked fine with two Sony +Rs. Somebody with the exact same system has reported no problems with those discs with any of the preloaded burning programs, so I guess it isn’t the drive.

BTW: What’s the reasoning by using the Optiarc name on a drive that has no connection to Sony or NEC? It can’t be brand recognition.