Any info on CD that MAKES ripping slow down?

I have been ripping my CD collection, and I have noticed that most of my Classical CDs rip far slower than the rest of my CD collection.

This might be because I starting ripping it after ripping the rest of the collection, and the drive might be damaged.

But someone on another forum said that disc manufacturers can put data on the CD that will instruct (or suggest to) the reading drive that the drive read at a slower speed.

I have looked all over the web for such a thing, but haven’t found any reference to it. Does anybody know if there is such a code on CDs that has a suggested reading speed factor?

Please excuse my ignorance if this is either easily found somewhere else, or obviously not true.

  • Tim

Someone told you BS!

That only counts for specific DVD formats/media, not CD.

Important is the pressing / media quality and the drive/firmware.

! exception would be a copy-protection used, but they were not on older pressed CDs/CDDA.

What app do you use to rip?

I use EAC, and have spent a lot of time tuning it just right, so it’s set up correctly.

I have sped things up a bit for some CDs by running CD/DVDSpeed and checking that I’m using the highest speed supported by the CD, but it is still often topping out at 8x for these classical CDs (whereas it used to max out at the drive’s top speed of 48x for other CDs). Weird stuff, not sure why this is happening.

  • Tim

Check Nero Info Tool and see if DMA is on for your drive. Info Tool will also tell you at what speed your drive can read the particular disc that is in your drive at the time.

Could it be that these discs are just scratched or have other quality problems which slow down the drive’s reading?

These are very clean, non-scratched disks. Also, CD/DVD Info tells me they are at the speed that I’m seeing (i.e. slow).

  • Tim