Any ideas?

Hi all i have a TSST CORP CDDVDW SHS202J burner , i can burn cds using it no problem and data also , problem iam having is iam trying to burn a ISO to a dual layer disk , i have tried nero,clonecd and imgburn and all fail saying something about device removal detected??? i have tried using a differant usb cable and i have tried differant usb ports on my computer but no joy , any ideas would be most welcome cheers

Hi and Welcome!

seems as if the USB/IDE converter in your enclosure does not support your drive properly.


So there is no way round it then???

Your drive is a combination of an internal P-ATA drive and a 3rd party enclosure. If you bought this unit as “external drive”, then you should contact the vendor.
Can you try the drive internally?
It could be also another issue with your system. To rule this out, you can try the drive with another computer.

Also, please post the MID of the media you are using.


I have tried using my desktop and my laptop , same thing happens , and iam using verbatim dvd+r dl 2.4x

Ok. This is excellent media. And since you tried with two computers, I’d really guess, it’s the enclosure.
The final test would be to try the drive installed internally in a desktop computer.