Any ideas on pxscan's pif spikes?


well, i am enjoying the scanning using 716a/pxscan, but it seems like pxscan is reporting phantom pif spikes (either 14 or 15) when i scan at speed 2x & 5x but not at higher speed like 8x & 12x.

i tried on other disks & i am getting same spikes at same location (cannot tell whether the locations are exactly same but it looked that way)

strange thing is that plextools pro 2.32a does not report such spikes (i tried at high accuracy)

should i be worried about the spikes?

could this be an isolated case of defective drive?

Hmmm, that sounds like the opposite of my experience with the PX-712A.

I don’t get random spikes when scanning at 2x, but i frequently get one or two single spikes of 14-15 when scanning at 2-5x, 3-8x and 5-12x. At 5-12x which I frequently use, there is a single spike of 15 at exactly 1.5 GB almost every other scan, and this is not related to media or to which burner was used, so it must be a peculiarity of the reading process.

I never scan at higher than 2x in PlexTools, so I’m not sure whether it is specific to PxScan, but I rather doubt it.