Any Ideas for these scans?



Using DW1620 and Benq 8x DVD+R, MID is Daxon AZ2. Both scans show mountain like effect at the same part of the burn around 3.0-3.5gb. Any ideas?


Try scanning it with your benQ. Also what firmware are you using? You might experiment with B7P9, T and U. What burn speed you using?


So so media? Reduce the burn speed to 4X and redo quality scan.


So so media? I think it’s crap on BenQ.
Firmware allows 16x burn on DAXON AZ2, why even bother burning at 4x.
Warbucks81, try some other media.

BTW, compare with this scan …




I’ve seen this 3.5 gig peak before for Daxon AZ2 media. It might clear up with a more recent 1620 firmware. What version of firmware are you currently running?

Even so, the PIF’s (the most important) are still excellent, so it’s probably nothing to worry about.


daxon az2 typical of that giant blue mountain…qc issue imho…


Im using firmware B7P9. Those were both burned at 8x. ill try scanning using the benq. Hope all of these discs aren’t the same with the 3.0-3.5gb peak.


Dump the media…


I suggest to use B7T9 or newer B7U9 fw.

It should help :iagree: