Any idea?

Hi, I’ve the game Sniper: path of vengance, and I can’t run the F.k.n. game, I don’t if the game have problems with the Win XP pro, or is bad the backup, but, this S.H.T. no run :a :a :a :a
simply give a error to a codec to .mp3, I’ve Installed all codecs, 1 patch for the game and divix codecs, but nothing works.

Please, some idea to run this game.

Thanks and regards.


is this game or vid (does this vid work ?)
Otherwise look for a patch at the website from the manufacturer


Made the post a bit more comprehensible … i guess Crowley had a few beers before posting this time :wink:

Hi, yes is the game backup of the original, a friend backup it for me, but this game no run, he have a win 98se and have a patch and fix to play the disk, but I’ve win xp and no fix the problem with the patch.

I try with the patch of the manufacturer, and no play the game.
and try with the wmp 9 for the newest codecs but nothing.

thanks and regards.

Sorry mate, but talking about illegal patches and copies of game CDs while you don’t own the original are not allowed in this forum. Please read the forum [url=]rules[/url next time before posting.

Before closing the thread; i would suggest bying the game and remake a backup with slower write speed (cauze the problem you have seems to be due to a bad backup - errors which occured during the writing process) :wink: